About Us

About Us!

Welcome To https://chatportal.net/


Nowadays there are many websites being created on the internet in many categories. Here we make a video chatting website name chatportal.net. And we will always give a lot of focus on our service and make you feel a user-friendly experience. It is a platform for chatting which is similar to Omega and Chatroulette. Where people can chat with strangers for free. After you read our homepage that you will understand what this website is about full info and how to chat.

We did not create the Chat dashboard you see here. We have also implemented it here from another’s websites. We implement here for you because you can easily start quickly chatting from here without any surfer another web portal. So we only handle the website so if you have any query related to the website you can ask in the contact page immediately. We have implemented a check dashboard which is third-party to chat from here.

Thank You